Competition Analysis

Competition Analysis

Under-the-hood competitive intelligence to help you realign your global brand positioning

One of the main challenges faced by organizations is solving the complex competition jigsaw puzzle, starting with identifying the top market competitors, and studying their multichannel growth and development strategies. A thorough understanding of the competition enables organizations to solidify top brand differentiators, and navigate successfully through the maze of multiple growth challenges pervading target markets.

Understanding the competition and what they have on offer is critical to growing your business

Identifying other players in the industry and studying their product / service offerings is the first success imperative. Brands need to stay empowered with information on the top competitors so as to be able to differentiate their products and services as well as marketing efforts. Knowledge of the competition will also help you crystallize your pricing strategies and create targeted marketing campaigns based on your key brand offerings - all from a competitive standpoint.

Fact.MR's bespoke competition tracking services leverage our extensive understanding of the global cross-industry market structure to equip our clients with deep, real-time competitive intelligence. We study the key player architecture of leading regional and global markets to present a comprehensive competitive mapping that helps organizations crack the elusive success code.

Our competition tracking services portfolio comprises the following:

Product Benchmarking:

Seasoned analysts at Fact.MR help organizations benchmark their products against the competition by identifying industry best practices and diagnosing improvement areas. Predominantly focused on studying competitor strategies for boosting product marketability, our insightful recommendations help you redefine your product marketing and branding strategies.

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Price Benchmarking:

Discerning the product pricing structure in the global market is crucial, especially when brands are focused on a competition-based pricing strategy. By providing useful insights on competitor brand and product popularity, Fact.MR enables organizations to define robust pricing strategies to evolve competitive price points in line with their current market standing.

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Competitor Profiling:

Competition keeps businesses on their toes, and to ensure that you retain an edge over your rivals, it is essential to study their business and growth strategies, and what differentiates them from others. Fact.MR processes critical competitor data from multiple streams to identify the dominant industry benchmarks that can help you restructure your strategies. By conducting a detailed SWOT analysis of companies across the board, we map the inherent attributes of both, existing and potential competitors,to create a singular framework that facilitates the implementation of efficient strategy genesis.

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Market Share Analysis:

It is essential to conduct a systematic market share analysis to gauge the effectiveness of brand proliferation in the global market. Fact.MR's extended research capabilities and our extensive study of market concentration help you establish the current global positioning of your brand vis-a-vis the competition, and identify emerging growth opportunities.

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Brand Share Analysis:

For organizations to achieve enhanced brand equity, it is essential to study brand health in the context of competition performance. By analyzing the brand share with respect to market size and industry forecasts, Fact.MR helps organizations make informed business decisions for long-term growth and development. Using exclusive research methodologies, we study the relative proportion of brand sales within target markets, and help organizations define robust go-to-market strategies that can cut through the competition clutter and increase brand value.

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Why Fact.MR?

Fact.MR's research expertise goes beyond conventional research services to deliver robust market intelligence and actionable analysis on the competition. Data pertaining to market players and other key stakeholders is collected through extensive communication with leading industry experts, channel partners, and other top market influencers. We offer competitive assessment services backed by rich market data analysis, and provide useful recommendations to help you position your brand among the best in the industry.