Behind the Report

Behind the Report

The art of delivering client-specific solutions

One-size-fits-all is clichéd and obsolete – the new era of market research demands mastering the art of client-specific solutions, because often, the details are in the specifics

You need to dig deep to uncover client-specific, sector-specific, and region-specific insights; it demands a blend of traditional and innovative; it demands critical thinking and de-commoditization.

Client requirements vary across industries, regions, job functions, goals, and budgets. The methodology used to analyze volume production in the chemical industry is unsuitable for tracking ICT shipments. Socio-demographic factors influencing consumer behavior in China may not render credible insights on end-user motivations in the U.S. A CFO may need a report for analyzing product visibility, whereas, a COO may be looking for next growth markets to invest in.

That's why, at Fact.MR, we adopt a flexible approach to modern-day problem solving. An approach that combines the best elements of agility, experience, innovation, critical thinking, and diligence.

The art of delivering client-specific solutions

Delivering client-specific solutions: seeing the bigger picture without losing sight of the dots that connect it

Markets don't operate in silos, why do you? Rely on our cross-functional and interdisciplinary approach to gain reliable insights

The traditional approach involves domain-specialist offerings in silos. However, in today’s age, when the interconnectedness between industries is greater than ever, you need cross-functional collaboration. Fact.MR’s interdisciplinary and cross-functional approach to delivering client-specific solutions ensures that you see the bigger picture without losing sight of the dots that connect it.

To address the real challenges and answer the most pertinent questions of our clients, our specialists from different verticals collaborate and incorporate the best practices. We strive to deliver solutions that are specific to your business, sector, and territory that you operate in. The challenges you face and the opportunities you can capitalize on are unique to your business – that’s why you need a market research provider that goes beyond the semantics to arm you with specific insights.

Before administering the right remedy, it's important to analyze the nature of the challenge

Delivering client-specific solutions that induce transformational change involves an honest assessment of your challenges. The complex nature of business environs and organizational structure can easily influence you to lose sight of the real challenges, and send you on a spiral where you look for panaceas for recurring symptoms. Therefore, before administering the right remedy, it’s important to analyze the nature of the challenges.

Analytical assessment of desired outcomes

Research can give you clarity on global, regional, and local markets – it can also give you clarity on the adjustments that your organization needs to make in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Fact.MR works with clients to create an analytical, outcome-based draft that analyzes the real bottlenecks to growth.

Flexible, industry-specific methodological modus operandi

Fact.MR's flexible industry-specific methodologies are tailored to deliver comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased intelligence solutions. The flexible approach to methodologies, including primary and secondary research, thought leader consultations, use of proprietary technology, market segmentation, and competitive profiling brings new insights to the fore. The flexibility in research methodologies also provides us the space for including critical value additions to our research reports.

Mitigation of cognitive biases through a mindfulness-oriented approach

Cognitive biases are inherent to human behavior, but when they influence market research processes, they rob the end product of objectivity and transparency. Fact.MR’s analysts are trained to carefully use the ancient principles of mindfulness in modern-day workplace environs. The “quality of qualitative research is fundamentally determined by the quality of the consciousness of the researcher, who has a responsibility to commit to a process of continual self-reflection”. Incorporating mindfulness as an integral practice in the research process leads to unbiased insights.