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      Welcome into the research and development base of automobile brake-Rong Bang auto parts!
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      Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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       Our factory use positive molding presses, now we have more than 100 presses, and we use the up-to-date Equal-Pressure Hydraulic Presses as well. The Equal-Pressure Hydraulic Press assure the uniform density of products material, especially suitable for orders which have many items and small quantity.

      Each worker can do self-inspection, every worker measure carefully the thickness of products when the first mould to prevent the thickness defect.

      The temperature of mould has influence on the quality of brake pads, each worker knows this well and have the temperature-measuring instruments, the workers test the temperature time to time.

      Strict Quality Control Systems

      The QC engineer testing the temperature of the mould with the temperature-measuring instruments

      Painting, Mark Printing, Riveting shims and accessories, plastic packing, box and carton packing, labeling, perfect output!

      Our final products, Perfect!

      The workshop of Rubrake

      The office building

      The R&D center

      Tension Tester

      Dyno Tester

      Chase Tester

      R&D team is the core strength of the enterprise, and Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise.

      We have a workshop producing the back plates for part of our orders.

      Our excellent management team

      Work hard and modestly, to build a team stronger and stronger, to build a team worthy of respect and admiration!

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      Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


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