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      Welcome into the research and development base of automobile brake-Rong Bang auto parts!
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      Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
      ABOUT US

      Shandong Rongbang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a leading R & D manufacturer of automotive brake pads, focusing on providing users with safe and comfortable brake solutions. The company is located in the beautiful and rich Yellow River Delta and the hometown of Bing shengsun. It is a member of China Friction Materials Association.The company covers over 70,000 square meters, more than 400 employees, has formed a variety of models with 2000 products, more than 1700 kinds of mold, annual brake pads 7,000,000 units, 2,000,000 units of production capacity drum brakes.
      Starting from the date of the establishment of the company, directly into the ISO international quality assurance system, and works closely with world-renowned research institutions, the company has advanced friction materials technology R & D center, with leading R & D organizations and sophisticated production equipment. Now the company has formed a semi-metal, less metal, ceramic and NAO brake pad system of three environmentally friendly formulations. Rongbang brakes, with its premium performance to meet the needs of different models, speed, load and road conditions, providing support and parts services for China, the U.S., Japan, Europe, South Korea and other cars.
      In 2008 the company's products have been assessed as "China Auto top ten brands," China Auto Parts Association, "China Auto Parts Product Excellence Quality Award" and so on, and after a number of automotive OEMs assessment, Peugeot smoothly for foreign and domestic GM, Chery, Chang'an Zhengzhou hippocampus, Shaanxi through family and many other OEMs to provide OEM support, are Shaanxi Huaxing automotive Brake Technology Co., assessed as excellent supporting units, reflecting the impressive strength of research and supporting ......
      Rongbang's Suoyi brand, established and participated in the national automobile rally championship in 2005, creating the industry leader. Wolfer's RBWOLF - began in Italy WOLF developed jointly with China RUBRAKE design, based on the Chinese automotive aftermarket brake pads high-end brands. Wolfer established in the Chinese market in the region in the form of interim library, to form a point format, rapid marketing, precision automotive aftermarket service Italian concept, will be fully updated Chinese auto parts marketing ideas, leading to enhance the Chinese idea of wearing parts and service industry brand marketing direction.
      Since 2006, we began to explore the international market, the products are mainly exported to North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, unanimously praised by foreign businessmen. The company has now successfully passed the IATF16949:2016 certification, more than 2000 models certified products through ECER90 and to "create the mentality of vehicle manufacture products, strict process to focus on love life" for quality, then the host will be more providing high-quality plants and ancillary products to different customers loading, truly "universal Royaum, Banda Wuzhou" business goals. Please Auto sector colleagues Follow Us!





      Shandong Rong Bang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.


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