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In-depth research of diverse markets in the chemicals and materials industry provides companies with valuable insights on the production process, technology, and innovation. We, at Fact. MR, conduct extensive analysis of the competition governing the chemicals and materials landscape, and help organizations innovate their products and services – within compliance guidelines and assuring reduced risks. We help you comprehend the broader impact of innovating your business strategy with an objective to enhance your position in the global industry.

  • Leaders need to take a U-turn from traditional business practices and adapt to digitization. While digital advances have face-lifted each industrial domain, the chemicals industry is still reluctant to completely adapt to the new transformational technology-driven landscape.
  • The penetration of IoT technology has already reached the chemicals industry, and certain industry leaders are deploying the same to achieve better connectivity between smart devices and equipment. IoT also enables chemical and material manufacturers to monitor real-time gaps in performance.
  • As sustainability trends the industry, companies operating in the green or bio-based chemicals sectors hold promising growth prospects. Moreover, rapid consumer shift to green and smart chemicals, materials, and derived products is compelling industry stakeholders to prioritize green or sustainable attributes in new products, solutions, and applications.
  • Green chemicals are witnessing high traction in the paints and coatings industry, housewares, and pharmaceuticals, which will further drive the manufacturing of sustainable chemicals and derived products.
  • R&D investments in nanomaterials are constantly on the rise in the wake of sustainability, coupled with growing economic support from governments as well as private entities. A large number of players are investing more in innovations in carbon nanotubes, graphene, and quantum dots.

Businesses often struggle to keep up with the relentless pace of changes sweeping the chemicals and materials industry, and it is imperative to understand these changes and their potential impact on business growth even before they occur. We help you capture the recent impactful trends and innovations, and seize the appropriate business opportunities to shape business strategies in the long term.

  • Evolving end-user demands, supply chain disruptions, volatility of various market aspects, and geopolitical risks predominantly influence the performance and profitability of businesses in the chemicals and materials domain. Regulatory pressures are also pivotal in dictating the handling, usage, and transportation of chemicals and materials. Expert research consultants at Fact. MR never lose track of the happenings in the chemicals and materials landscape, and help companies overcome growth challenges and adapt to the latest industry trends.
  • Escalating dearth of raw materials is another key challenge plaguing the chemicals industry. Moreover, increasing regulatory requirements are significantly affecting raw material sourcing, which is compelling a majority of the leading companies to extend their ecosystems and establish end-to-end concepts – forming a circular economy. The growing demand for sustainability is boosting the specialty chemicals markets – especially in emerging economies – as developing regional markets provide an affordable, yet skilled workforce.

We simplify the process of making confident decisions on capital investments by leveraging our expertise in strategic plan development, product innovation and portfolio optimization, and sustainable business operation. We also provide insights on efficient supply chain and distribution network management, environmental compliance assurance, and economic risk analysis – to help companies thrive in the competitive chemicals and materials industry in the long run.

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