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As mobile and smart capabilities seem to be virtually everywhere, the ICT domain offers promising scope for innovation. Large-scale deployment of transformative technologies, coupled with a wide range of next-generation tech-trends has taken the front seat in shaping the future of the global ICT landscape.

  • The convergence of new age technology trends driving the performance of markets in the ICT industry such as IoT, mobile technology, cognitive and cloud computing, IT consumerization, artificial and augmented intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and robotics accelerates innovation in the ICT sector. Technology domain experts at Fact. MR help you gain agility in adapting to the evolving ICT ecosystem.
  • The emerging concept of a networked society is based on creating connected smart machines, including autonomous vehicles and robots. Advanced cloud architecture can potentially deal with the sharing and distribution of machine intelligence, and enable functioning at a higher level. Companies are increasingly striving to understand how to bestrew intelligence over the cloud.
  • From being just-another-network to becoming a highly impactful revolution, 5G technology is believed to be a tipping point in the global technological evolution. With an anticipated influence on various industries, the digitization brought about by 5G is being perceived as the ticket to achieving the most from mobile technology, by businesses in the ICT domain.
  • 5G technology, IoT and IoE, and M2M communication technology will collectively lead to the rise of multiple derived industries as new revenue generation streams for stakeholders in the ICT domain.
  • Plastic money has firmed up in markets post cash incapacitation. Businesses are struggling to capitalize on the elevating popularity of mobile, digital, and crypto currencies. Blockchain technology is being deployed by tech companies to decentralize payment systems, so as to gain more data and higher security. With the increasing search for non-currency applications of blockchain, the industry will witness a major shift from plastic currency to mobile app transactions.
  • Smart electronics and mobile phone manufacturers are looking forward to introducing the augmented 3D selfie technology to cater to the growing demands for distant communication.

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The intensifying issue of the privacy and security of systems, networks, and IT infrastructure is still a critical factor affecting business capabilities. Our ICT consultants keep up with the latest innovations in cyber security technology and the role of government entities in shaping their implementation and mandating. If an unbiased and broad, yet precise picture of the ICT industry is what you’re seeking, our incisive intelligence will help you identify what to focus on for an improved business outcome.

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