Our PPCM model: data-driven insights for simplified, quicker, and informed decision making

With extensive expertise and hands-on experience traversing multiple industries, sectors, and subdomains, research and consulting professionals at Fact.MR bring real-time insights to the table. Besides leveraging our first-hand knowledge spanning multiple industry verticals, we adhere to proven research methodologies that function in tandem with the most reliable analytical tools to concoct valuable market acumen.

Our industry and domain experts are well acquainted with the growth trajectory of diverse markets, and skillfully utilize their expertize in helping organizations devise robust Product, Pricing, Channel, and Marketing strategies.

We believe that the core consulting capabilities of Fact.MR are hinged to in-depth research, analysis, benchmarking, and strategy development –and will help organizations navigatethe most practical way forward through the incredibly competitive market landscape. Our multi-domain research experts extract the most relevant data to help organizations rise through the numerous growth hurdles and stay ahead of the curve.

Fact.MR empowers organizations with the combined power of data and analytics. Rigorous assessment and on-point data collectively present the most valuable and actionable insights to businesses representing the broadest range ofindustry verticals, including Automotive, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Goods, Chemicals & Materials, ICT, Sports, Food & Beverages, and Industrial Goods.

We offer thorough market intelligence emphasizing detailed analysis of a sweeping range of interconnected market push and pull factors that exert a notable influence on the growth curves of industries as well as businesses. By intelligently surfing multiple information streams to frame ready-to-use data, we equipbusinesses with the necessary market arsenal to reach a decisive point – faster and with more accuracy.