Female Voice Overs: Here Come the Girls

Showcasing your product or service in the finest light is crucial in generating maximum profitability, and investing in the power of a killer marketing campaign can radicalize your business potential.

Employing the talents of a professional female voice over artist is possible for any genre or niche, putting the finishing touches to your video, website, business communication systems and/or advertising audio.

Many companies recognize that feminine tones are perceived by most consumers as being caring, nurturing and helpful, allowing organizations to present a warm brand image, and an accessible identity in the eyes of potential customers.

The perfect voice for every project is just a click away…

Female voice overs are available in a wide collection of styles, diction and fluency, and Plentyvoices can connect you with the ideal voice over expert for any project. Female voices are often regarding as being more persuasive, with a soothing undertone that doesn’t come off as too pushy or sales-y. Today’s consumer is unlikely to engage with a hard-sell, and can be more likely to connect with a female voice over.

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FIFA 16 in the test

FIFA takes you by the hand


FIFA 16 plays now not fundamentally different. Much is reminiscent of the predecessor and the innovations in terms of control or handling a jump usually not so eye-catching, as one might think because of the big announcements from EA or its developers. In the majority of the adjustments, modifications and extensions must be sought even downright.


each, from the first minute on, however, the new FIFA coach will notice. This new, selectable feature offers the possibility using the on-screen advice to all game situations to respond perfectly. Here the rich notes of simple key indicators for shot or pass or sliding tackle or bump to profound gameplay options, such as in the field of tactics. The weaker your playing skills are and the higher the chosen coach level, the more intense the game takes you through these tools at hand. Perfectly clear that clientele to be addressed thus: The beginner or casual players. So while FIFA Cracks can start with this “coach” rather less, are those who only now and then a game, off- or online venture, with the Football implementation, on the added value, which this extension brings clearly be quite pleased.

Especially the series connoisseurs will immediately notice that the playmaking one tick is slower. By the throttled speed the game happenings thus shifted slightly away from the goal. Goal area scenes are less and the midfield will win significantly more important. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of criticized by some as too fast-paced moves and even dangerous statements are not a scarce commodity. In our opinion, that’s a good thing. Nevertheless, there is more to a ball attachment far from penalty area, not least because the defensive AI has reached an even higher level. Passport and walkways are delivered pretty smart and fast changes of direction of the attackers run little more success. The actions of the offensive will be better anticipated and staff, as opponent to act just a little smarter. Lovely, too, that almost always successful in the predecessor through balls now better defended and more opportunities are offered in single combat against “all-powerful” enemies a la Messi & Co.. Ever the tackles feels intuitive and realistic at by a few small revisions.


Nevertheless, you never get the impression that the defensive would now get an excessive overweight. By punchy defense and through a somewhat slower pace than you will attacker simply forced even better, more intense and therefore more accurately reflect on your way forward. Key to success is to be simple yet variable in tactics and orientation. That’s right, that everything sounds very much simulation. It works in part also so, but it is FIFA typically not too extreme. Good also that the players become very clever way around the open space and to offer yourselves as appropriate Pass options. Through balls are now though no longer as effective, but the edges were revalued. Our opinion, even too much. Significantly too often find the high balls from the sidelines also a corresponding buyer and usually lead to such dangerous Torsituationen or corresponding Torerfolgen.

Better us there already like that one in Dribbling now has the opportunity selbiges anzutäuschen without touching the ball so as to shield the leather and eventually overrun sent with this feint an opponent. Although the so-called “no-touch” feature takes some practice, but leads to an uncommon satisfaction, if it is possible for the first time and the opponent leaves behind with an amazement. Also nice that the ball physics a revision has been subjected and the goal now a touch more specific, but most of all feels harder. The overpowering to swerve shots from the predecessor were now eased considerably.Nevertheless, the round leather still does not behave quite logical in some situations and some comic trajectory is also in FIFA 16 on the agenda. A Pro Evolution Soccer makes it still significantly better.


What also makes us equal to the gatekeepers, because here the two football reactions of EA and Konami give practically nothing. Also the FIFA offshoot of the last man annoys unfortunately still too much with extreme performance fluctuations.And the well-known weaknesses in running out are unchanged exists. That Lupfer remain the excessive funds, wants you in 1-gg-1 the goalkeeper successfully overcome, we mention here only in passing.

 Football is a women’s sport

If you go in advance of publication by FIFA after the reactions of the players, the biggest change is clearly the integration of women’s football. Judging by the responses – one goes but after the facts, then the extension to the lovely femininity, nice and well done, but certainly not the highlight of the current branch. Only 12 women national teams, as examples here are Germany and USA called, are first choice and can play in single or small tournaments, off- and online are selected. Well, that is also the feeling here between the male teams. Shots, passes and tackles are not as intense and even the entire game pace a track is again slower. This feels very realistic and definitely brings also a certain added value. Astuce Fifa 16

Are Meal Replacements A Good Idea For Weight Loss?

Think about the number one reasons why people are overweight nowadays. Overweight people fall into one of two different categories.


Either they have an unhealthy lifestyle – working long hours, eating out all the time, not getting enough exercise – or they simply eat too much, often in a compulsive way.

This type of eating – eating when one isn’t hungry, for example, or eating for emotional reasons rather than physical hunger – is really a type of addiction. It should be understood as an addiction, and it often is.

For example, the group Overeaters Anonymous functions on many of the same principles as AA or other twelve step programs. Excessive eating is treated like an addiction because that’s exactly what it is.

But if that’s the case, it’s easy to see why this addiction might be harder to treat than some others. The way to deal with an addiction is to stay away from the behaviour that’s out of control – alcoholics can’t touch alcohol, for example. The idea is to not do it at all until the addiction becomes a thing of the past – in fact, for many addicts, they can never indulge in their addictive behavior again, not even once.

With food addiction, though, that’s obviously impossible. People have to eat – there’s no getting away from it. That’s why food addiction, though it’s an addiction to a non-lethal substance, may be the hardest of all to deal with. And that’s also why companies such as Slim-fast, who produce and market meal replacements for people to use while dieting to lose weight, actually do succeed in helping some people.

The idea behind meal replacements is that you don’t really eat at all for a good part of the day – instead, you have a special shake or other product that gives you all the nutrients you need, and stops you from feeling hungry. This works in two ways: first, it controls the calories you take in, because the meal replacements are quite low calorie. Second, it breaks the cycle of addictive behavior because you’re not really eating. You can get away from the behavior much as an alcoholic can (and must) get away from alcohol, and that gives you a better chance of breaking the addictive process.

Though most weight loss meal plans do recommend that you eat one ‘normal’ meal per day, some people who are serious about losing weight don’t do even that. That’s precisely how Oprah Winfrey once lost a lot of weight – about fifty pounds. She said that she found it easier not to eat at all (subsisting on meal replacement shakes and bars) than to control her eating. When you know that you won’t be eating ‘real food’ at all for a while, it takes the guesswork out of it. Everything becomes very straightforward, and it’s a fact that many people have lost weight using this method of weight loss.

There are drawbacks, though. For one thing, while a weight loss program is supposed to teach you about how to eat for the rest of your life – to establish healthy habits, in other words – using meal replacements clearly doesn’t do so. Once you go back to eating real food, you might find that your problems with controlling your food intake are still there. Though you will have lost weight, you are more likely to gain it back if you haven’t learned healthy eating habits.

Also, there’s a danger that some people will keep on using the meal replacements for extended periods of time, just because it’s easier and more convenient. Thought they re designed to give you a minimum level of calories and nutrition, meal replacement bars cannot substitute for real food over an extended period.

However, if you know or suspect that your problem with food resembles an addiction or compulsion, it may be worth your while to think about using meal replacements for a while in order to lose some weight. Try to make the time you spend using them as productive as possible, though. Really come to terms with your past behaviour, and learn what it feels like to be full but not stuffed. Figuring out the answer to these and other aspects of healthy eating will help make your weight loss permanent.

Top 5 Inexpensive Bass Guitars For Girls

Bass guitar is an especial instrument, it’s not like acoustic guitar and electric guitar. There are prominent female bass players such as Tina Weymouth or Carol Kaye, but in most of the stone industry dominated by men, most bassists guys.


Now we see more female bass player. Here are five top Basses cheaper to beginniners or if you just want a bass guitar brand name without paying a lot:

1 Squier by Fender Affinity Series Bronco Bass

Basses common cold is just too, forget the fact they were only about $ 150 online. Broncos are super easy to play and have a short 30 “scale neck. A real basic setup – a middle pickup, volume and tone, means there are not many things can go wrong. If ever there was a problem in the electronics cavity, should be a corrective work simple. Bronco Basses is a solid instrument, and very cool looking with their shallow cutaways. They also provide Fender tone instead Lotta $ $.

2 Ibanez Mikro Short Scale GSRM20

This is another short scale bass guitar with a 28.6 “inch neck. It fit great in smaller hands and will be a great choice for petite women. By the way, this bass is also very rock. The pickups and electronics quality and properly recorded. The Ibanez micro short scale bass is a quality that will provide great low end for you to rock the house.

3 Squier by Fender Affinity Series P Bass or J Bass

Fender Precision and Jazz Basses are two standard options for bass guitar players, male or female. Buying one of the Affinity series is a good way to save substantial $ $. Management scale Bassescan tire had slung over your shoulder for long periods of time – such as band practice and performances. In addition, a Squier Precision or Jazz bass is a great place to start and a good way to get a new bass at a low price.

4 Daisy Rock – Rock Candy Bass (Atomic Pink)

Daisy Rock is a company that designed the bass guitar for girls. The Rock Candy Bass is a full-scale, yet lightweight bass guitar. Bass body contoured body is designed to perfectly fit the female form. A little pricier than others, but well worth the money.

5 Daisy Rock Daisy Bass

Bass is actually shaped like a daisy. This is aimed at young girls, but it is a very solid instrument and will appear in the big show and recording. This bass is very light and sporting a short scale neck. Petite teen girls and women will find it most comfortable bass to play. Not just a cheap alternative, it was a fun fashion statement as well.
Instruments discussed here was chosen to be the most suitable design for the bass guitar women. This model gives a lot of bang for the buck and relatively cheap Basses. The girl who wanted to play guitar or bass to a new low, will not be wrong with this choice.

Tips to increase breasts size in a natural way

Every women wants to have a perfect body and most of us are wary about discussing about breasts which accentuates the body of every women.

How many of you have wished for bigger breast and wanted to know how this can be bigger naturally without going into any of the painful surgeries which not only costs lot of money but also has lots of side effects affecting your body.

Why would anyone want to go for these surgeries when we have the solution for how to get bigger boobs naturally?

Yes naturallyincrease your breasts size.

Nature has given us all the resources for us to improve our body and soul, so we are here to help you with the most natural way of increase the breast size. We will have the remedies broken down in three main categories,





Fenugreek seeds which has the right amount of Diosgenin and Phytoestorgen which helps in growth of prolectin which is the hormone associated to growth of breasts.

There are multiple ways to have is through paste, also you can use the oil by cracking the seeds and massage it on your breasts.

Fenugreek supplements are also available which only should be taken through doctor’s prescription.

Flax seeds are another good source of diet for naturally increasing the breasts size. Flax seeds can be consumed directly by chewing it and also have it made as paste with the seeds.


Yoga is one of the most effective ways and the poses which are preferred as

Camel Pose – Ushtasana

Double Angle Pose – Dwikonasan

Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana


Exercise at home or gym is also another way which is used by multiple woman across to enhance the breast size. Some of the suggested exercise for this are –

Swinging Hands

Wall Press

Bench press


It is very important that you also have the correct dress worn to accentuate every part of the body.

Similarly breasts also gets enhanced with the correct type of clothes without going to much in detail these are the basics which needs to be followed.

Wear the correct bra size – Also use Padded bras

Always wear bright coloured dress

Have big decorations on the dress this helps increase the visual effects.

It is always great to have the feeling to increase your breast size but all the steps taken should be taken care and which should not have any effect on your health.

And keep reading our posts for much more natural remedies.

Fifa 16 Coin Generator 2016

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On est vraiment content de vous annoncer le nouveau hack du jeu vidéo Clash of kings !

Clash of Kings Hack Tool 2015

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The Future of Shopping

Anonymity is one of the things of the past for shoppers. Click on the computer, buy at the store. So the retail desires the future, because it makes the competition from the Internet only stores more and more tougher to replicate the store experience that the offline retail is already offering.

A very well-known communication agency has developed a demo store for shopping 2020: With the help of modern technology, the customer should be inspired again for shopping in the store. The locker room of the future indicates the goods, for example, in all available colors. Can the combination of online and offline shopping convince the test client or not?

This combination between Web and then go straight to the store to complete the purchase is not entirely new. I either do the direct online shopping, or go with friends to pick the stuff i bought online. I do a lot of Paytm online shopping.


Digital help with shopping is already here today: So-called shopping apps that customers can load usually free on his cell phone itself. Just one example of many is an app which helps consumers know what is the product they are looking for. You are in the middle of the road and you like something you see in a picture or someone wearing something. You could take an image and click Scan. Then the app can then, based on the image search on the internet for and identical or at least similar garments show it to you and then order it online right on the go.

Some people do say that the shopping apps are a nice gimmick for those who have the time and they are not for everyone. And it comes with a cost to the consumers and they are not even aware of the risks that they are taking on by compromising their security by indulging in online shopping. Their fears are not misplaced as evidenced by the increase in the number of stolen identity cases

Online shoppers leave traces on the net. This is known fact, but also customers while shopping in the store can use the digital technologies but can barely escape from modern technology without leaving their footprint however hard they may try. We pose for them in a department store sometimes without even being aware of where the cameras are. And there are unusual labels, so-called RFID chips. They emit radio waves and are supposedly there to facilitate the personal control of the goods stock. Digitalcourage magazine called these labels spychips – and for good reason.

The delivery of a drone is a future scenario but actually could become a reality sooner. Already, most industry giants such as Amazon, Google and DHL parcel delivery by air in some areas. It can only mean one thing. More challenges for the shoppers.

Latest Tips and Tricks For WhatsApp And Some Hidden Features


Typing message, press “Send” and you’re done – Munich. WhatsApp is actually quite simple. But how to search for chat passages or switched to the read receipt from? Here’s useful advice.

This innovation has so many WhatsApp users upset: Behind the sent message suddenly found himself a second (blue) hook. To many it is not right when the chat partner can see suddenly, if his message has already been read. Because that displays these additional hook. Under pressure not to let an answer long in coming, but do not have to feel so. Because the read receipt can Android users simply switch off. Under Settings> Account> Privacy> read receipt, you can do this. iOS users will have to wait until they are able to issue blue checkmark. When WhatsApp released the update, is still unclear. Beta testers have already tested it successfully but, they say. The Messenger then displays no reading affirmations of contacts more, except in group chats. Here they can not be turned off.

Who also does not want that contacts can see if you are online right now or not, can under the tabPrivacy in status to go and hide your online status.

Do not show WhatsApp images in the photo archive

It is set by default on iOS and Android phones that photos that you get sent via WhatsApp, are displayed in the photo archive of the smartphone. Who cares, can remedy this.

For Android users but that is not quite so simple. What’s needed is a file explorer app, with the folder must be located where WhatsApp stores the photos or videos. In the affected folders that smartphone owners have to create a new file named “.nomedia”. So look for the photo app in these folders no longer for images.

Something easier it have iPhone owners. Under Settings> Privacy> Photos You can WhatsApp remove from the list of applications whose images are displayed in the archives.

Use phone calls and landline number

Recently, you can make calls with WhatsApp also – at least within the chat app with other WhatsApp users. The function can be found on the home screen of the app in addition to chats and contacts.But be careful: The actual “free telephony” can be expensive!

WhatsApp can be also not only about the cell phone number, but also use my landline number. If one’s landline number, can his contacts one but then found only in this WhatsApp. When you register you can enter the number. Instead of a text message but then obtained the confirmation code via an automatic call. Usable WhatsApp is then in the WLAN.

In addition, smartphone owners do not have to delete your WhatsApp account equal, just because they have received a new telephone number. You can namely easily the change phone number in myaccount. In the app menu to change settings> Account> number that is possible.

Search in WhatsApp chat

Who wants to look for specific chat passages, can do that via a search function. For Android phones, but these searches only displayed messages. For longer chats, it is necessary to reload older messages so that they are displayed in the search results. In the chat Genre iOS version do you make a swipe gesture downward, and the search window shows not only results from the contact list, but also passages from the chats.

Secure chats and Restore Deleted

In the 24-hour rhythm WhatsApp performs a local backup on Android smartphones. One accidentally deletes a conversation, this is perhaps to be found in the backup. Just the app to uninstall and reinstall to see if what is still there. The existing backup is namely loaded. Guaranteed, it is not that the Deleted after reinstalling is back. In the Settings app under IM settings> backup chat historyAndroid users will find the date you last saved. You can create a backup there also himself.

Something comfortable it is for iPhone owners. You can store backups in their iCloud. In order to do this, the iCloud must be enabled on the phone. In addition, must under> Chat Backup Settings> Chat Einstellugen automatic backups are enabled. Also there can be manually created a backup.

Send a message to multiple recipients, without being in a group

One does not need an extra one group to send multiple recipients at the same time the same message. When it comes to one-off messages on special occasions, it would probably not fit so many to be simply plugged unasked in a group in which also are people who you might not know.

To work around this problem, there is for Android users in the overflow menu tab New Broadcast. iOS users can see Chats top left point broadcast lists.

Block Contacts

Where a contact for any reason whatsoever on my nerves, that person can also easily block them.They can also be released again later. Android users do this, under More on blocking. You can see Blocked contacts under Settings> Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts. There you can also equal to “turn off” multiple Nervensägen at once.

In the iOS version can be found in the chats on the top left a blocking field. To lock several annoying chat partner, you follow in the settings of the app the path Account> Privacy> Blocked.

Forward Photos News

Pretty simple is the forwarding of pictures and videos from a chat. Therefore you have to keep and hold the file until a pop-up menu only the fingers. Under parts you can then choose to be redirected while. Similarly, the whole thing goes when it comes to forwarding messages.

More functions

o          Send Chat email: Android users are two options. Either they keep their finger on the entry in the chat list, and the pop-up menu Chat send email. Or open it directly in the chat menu, go to More, and then click Send chat via email. iOS users tap the contact’s name and select Chat email.

o          Change Wallpaper Chats: Android users can make in the settings under background. It can also create your own images or image pack that can be downloaded from the Play Store, are used. The iOS path: Settings> Chat Settings> Chat background.

o          Chat link on the home screen (for Android): in the Chat settings on More, and then click Add Link.

o          Your location send: Android users can press on the paper clip and on location. iPhone owners, click the arrow next to the text input field. If the GPS is activated, you can then send your location Select.

o          Delete WhatsApp account: If you have enough of the app, you can in the menu under Settings> Account> My Account, delete draw a line. To sign off that they are finally only his phone number.

We have figured out a hack for Whatsapp. You can check this out here Whatsapp Hack Online

Correct posture during exercise on a stationary bike

Today, entry on the correct posture of both the trunk and legs while pedaling a stationary bicycle uploaded.

It is very common to see in fitness centers some strange postures in those who are pedaling a stationary bicycle (ie keiser bikes). We can find from the “pro” position, to the position of the “trial” until you reach the “hunchback”. Not forgetting those that seem to go on a tricycle pulling knees by the sides as they can, among others.

So what height and proximity must have the seat and handlebars ?, and trunk position? In this post, I tell everything.



Let’s start from the bottom up. What we have to do to get a comfortable pedaling and with less risk of injury, will take the following measures:

Saddle height: proper saddle height is that which allows us to fully extend the knee, supporting the heel on the pedal placed at 6. This will make when we support the midfoot to pedal, your knee is slightly bent. For greater height check after the first step, we will raise the pedal at 12 to ensure that the knee is at the height of the hip joint or a little below.  With this, you will determine your saddle height.

Near the seat: some machines allow it, others do not. Likewise, always check that putting the pedal to the 9, the knee does not exceed the toes.

You made these two simple measures, as regards the seat and legs are all set. Now, what about the position of the trunk and arms?

Handlebar height as the vicinity thereof, shall be that which will maintain at all times the lineup of the trunk with the support arms relaxed taking elbows bent slightly.

I leave a video on the above:


If you’re not sure of keeping the curvatures of the spine , you can cycle beside a mirror to gradually acquire the ideal posture.

On those tapes or Velcro with the foot pedals to tie when there are no special shoes hitch, my recommendation is not to use them. I know of cases of pain in the lumbar region have ceased after not tie these Velcro at the bottom.  We can unconsciously pull the tape up her foot and what we are doing is to further increase the activity of the psoas major, which originates, among other things, on the lower edge of the upper edge of T12 and L5.